Best sticky rice dishes of Vietnamese people (Part 2)


Sticky rice is a very tasty Vietnamese dish you should try once in your life. Here are the next popular sticky rices dishes you can enjoy while visiting Vietnam.

>>Best sticky rice dishes of Vietnamese people (Part 1)

Xoi Ngu Sac (Five Color Sticky Rice)

Five-color sticky rice is also known as “Xoi Ngu Sac” in Vietnamese – the prevailed sticky rice dish of some ethnic minorities (Muong, Tay, Thai ethnic groups) etc. Five colors of the dish symbolize five elements of the planet: yellow is the color of the territory, green is the color of the wood, red is the color of fire, white is the color of metal, black is the color of the water. Five-color sticky rice is cooked in the combination with different types of decoctions from green, red, yellow leaves for coloring the dish.

Xoi Ngu Sac (via Sapa Jade Hill Resort)

Xoi Sau Rieng (Durian Sticky Rice)

This is a popular dish in Southern Vietnam. To make durian sticky rice, people will need to take the flesh of the durian and mix it with sticky glutinous before steaming the mixture with a little coconut milk. Another way to make durian sticky rice is that people will need to steam the sticky glutinous rice and then mix it with durian.

Xoi San (Cassava Sticky Rice)

From the main ingredients which are very easy to find in any market or food store – the cassavas from poor rural areas, Vietnamese women can prepare a frugal, fragrant dish – the cassava sticky rice. It is a rustic dish from the countryside, made from sticky glutinous rice mixed with cassava strands or small cassava pieces. It will be steamed and mixed with a little fried onion and cooking oil (better with oil from lard).

Xoi San (via YouTube)

Xoi La Dua (Pandan Sticky Rice)

Pandan (pineapple leaves) will be cut into smaller pieces and washed. Then, smash them and juice them to take the pandan juice; then mix the juice with sticky glutinous rice before steaming the mixture. The result we will get is a beautiful green sticky rice pot with attractive fragrance.

Xoi La Cam (Magenta Plant Sticky Rice)

The way to make magenta plant sticky rice is similar to Xoi Xeo with milled cooked green bean, but it will be mixed with the decoction of the magenta plant for the purple red color.

Xoi La Cam (via Bao phu nu)

Xoi Vung Dua (Seasame, Coconut Sticky Rice)

Sesame coconut sticky rice is made from sesame, coconut, and sugar, mixed with sticky glutinous rice and steamed. This is a very delicious sticky rice dish but sometimes it can make people feel a little bit greasy due to the taste and the aroma of coconut oil, sesame oil, sugar, and cooking oil (from lard).

Xoi Khuc (Khuc Cake)

Gnaphalium affine sticky rice (also called Khuc cake or “xoi khuc” in Vietnamese) is made from crushed gnaphalium affine mixed with sticky glutinous rice powder, rolled with cooked milled green bean and diced fat meat, then rolled over sticky glutinous rice and put into the autoclave. Each Khuc cake is covered by a layer of sticky rice, stuffed with green bean, fat meat, and fried onion which tastes very delicious. This is actually one of the best sticky rice dishes in Vietnam.

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