Best sticky rice dishes of Vietnamese people (Part 1)


Sticky rice (or “xoi” in Vietnamese) is an indispensable dish of Vietnamese people in special occasions such as full moon days, Tet, weddings or even death anniversaries. The following are some the most popular sticky rice dishes you can try in Vietnam.

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Xoi Lac (Peanut Sticky Rice)

Peanut sticky rice is also called “Xoi Lac” in Vietnamese – one of the most popular rustic sticky rice dishes in Vietnam. To make this dish, peanuts will be boiled until they become soft, then mixed with soaked glutinous rice and steamed as normal. According to Thach Lam – a famous writer – in his “Qua Hanoi” culinary memoir, peanut sticky rice is served as a snack. There are 2 variations of dish: almond sticky rice and cashew sticky rice.

Xoi Lac (via Siêu thị gạo ngon Hải Hậu)

Xoi Gac (Gacfruit Sticky Rice)

This is one of the most popular sticky rice dishes in Vietnam. Gacfruit sticky rice is made from glutinous rice and gacfruit for creating bright red color and delicious flavor for this special and meaningful Vietnamese traditional dish. People will need to pick up the ripe Gacfruit, divided it into 2 parts and take the flesh of the fruit which covers surroundingly the red particles out, puree it with a little white wine. Then, put the softened and pureed Gacfruit flesh (including seeds) in a bowl and mix it with soaked glutinous rice.

After steaming the Gacfruit sticky rice, people should remember to add a little sugar and fat to give the dish the sweetness and fatness. Although people do not use green bean when cooking Gacfruit sticky rice, they rarely forget to put finely-milled green bean on the top of the dish when they present Gacfruit sticky rice on the plate, right in the center as part of the stuffing. Gacfruit sticky rice is one of delicious, nutritious, and is very popular Vietnamese sticky rice dishes as an important worshiped dish in holidays, Tet, death anniversaries, or it can be accompanied by a suckling pig on a platter for the engagement ceremony.

Xoi Gac (via Wiki Phununet)

Xoi Dau Xanh (Green Bean Sticky Rice)

To make green bean sticky rice, people will need to chafe green beans, soak them in water for more expanded, peel the shells (or let them stay), mix with glutinous rice, and steam the ingredients in an autoclave. This is a very popular type of sticky rice dishes, and there are many similar kinds of sticky rice dishes are processed with beans, such as black beans sticky rice, Indian bean sticky rice, soybeans sticky rice, etc.

Xoi Vo (Glutinous Rice Cooked with Split Green Bean)

Xoi Vo (via Phú Cường)

A special feature of this type of sticky rice is that the sticky rice particles are separated away yet they are still very limber. Almost similar to Xoi Xeo which has the glutinous mixed with cooked, milled green bean, but to make Xoi Vo, people need to steam glutinous rice with pineapple leaves for special aroma (maybe you can use a little Gardenia jasminoides powder or turmeric for more eye-catching color).

Cooked glutinous rice will be taken out and put on a flatter and mix with a half of cooked pureed green bean in order to let the green bean cover the glutinous rice and become disjointed. Then, put the ingredients into the autoclave once again and steamed until the sticky rice becomes really limber (you can use a little coconut milk to make the dish more delicious and fragrant. Finally, take the sticky rice out and mix with the rest of the cooked, milled green bean to make the glutinous rice particles disjointed.

Xoi Hoang Pho (Huangpu Sticky Rice)

Xoi Hoang Pho (via

Huangpu sticky rice is originated from China, but it is widely enjoyed and variated in Vietnam so that it gradually becomes a popular sticky rice dish of Vietnamese people. Huangpu sticky rice is yellow, fragrant, and limber. They are usually presented on feasts or parties, such as wedding parties in Vietnam. It is a delicious and attractive dish, making people never forget its taste if they ate this dish even just once. To make Huangpu sticky rice, people will need to use five-spice powder, almonds, fried onions, and cooking oil (better if using the oil from lard). Huangpu sticky rice has beautiful yellow color and pretty special taste.

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