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Getting into Hanoi

Nestled along wooded boulevards among the city’s two dozen lakes you will find architectural souvenirs left by all who conquered this great valley, from...

Public Transit in Hanoi

If you google Hanoi traffic online, there is a high chance that you will feel intimidated by the flow of cars mixed with bustling...

Sightseeing in Hanoi

Hanoi is very compact, and the city’s most interesting places for tourists are all relatively close to each other, which makes it easy to...

Some exciting facts about Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital as well as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam. If you would like to learn more about Hanoi, here are some exciting facts about this city.

Hanoi summer – facts you may not know

Here are the 4 facts about Hanoi’s summer that you should know before you come to Hanoi.