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20 Things You Must Eat In Hanoi

Food-loving globetrotters, here’s a bit of sound advice: If you’re headed to Vietnam’s northern city of Hanoi, we’d recommend you pack a pair of...

Top 4 exotic hotpots you should try in Hanoi

Chatting and drinking with friends while surrounding a flavourful hotpot is a perfect choice particularly in the winter season. The most common types of hotpot involve beef and chicken, but following are top 4 exotic types of hotpot that offer a different taste of Hanoi.
Banh Trang Nuong (grilled rice cake)

Banh Trang Nuong (grilled rice cake)

Although Banh Trang Nuong has just appeared in Hanoi for a short time, it quickly becomes a favorite dish of many people especially in the winter.

Best sticky rice dishes of Vietnamese people (Part 2)

Sticky rice is a very tasty Vietnamese dish you should try once in your life. Here are the next popular sticky rices dishes you can enjoy while visiting Vietnam.
Che - sweet dessert in Hanoi

Che – sweet dessert in Hanoi

There are many kinds of Che you can taste in Hanoi such as che do den (black turtle bean); che do xanh (mung bean); che dau do (red kidney bean); che khoai mon (taro); che com (young green rice); che sen (lotus seed) or che thap cam (mixed all).
green papaya salad

Green Papaya Salad with Beef Jerky

Hanoi cuisine is a harmony combination between yin & yang, between vegetables & meat, and Green Papaya Salad with Beef Jerky is a demonstration. >> Fresh beer...
Hanoian dessert that shouldn't be skipped

Hanoian dessert that shouldn’t be skipped

Hanoi, a thousand year city, is known for its long history along with ancient streets as well as modern quarters, but Hanoi cuisine is...


Most of what I said about coffee in my Ho Chi Minh City Food Guide applies here, and the Vietnamese coffee is plentiful and...
Moon Cake

It’s not mid-autumn festival without Moon cake

The moon cake festival or the Mid autumn festival (Trung Thu) is not far away! The moon cake isn't a street cake as it's expensive...

Top 5 most famous sweet soups in Hanoi

If you have chance to visit and take a stroll on Hanoi streets, do not forget to taste these delicious sweet soups.